Raw/Vegan Diet DVD - In The Kitchen With Debra | Volume 1

Bonus eBook included on DVD

In the Kitchen with Debra DVD + Bonus eBook Included!
In the Kitchen with Debra DVD + Bonus eBook Included!
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Vegan Family Style Presents… In the Kitchen with Debra Volume 1

An up-close and personal session with Chef Debra. In the vegan diet dvd, Debra shares from her heart regarding her weight loss journey, the vegan/raw vegan diet, and indoor/outdoor gardening.

Chef Debra also prepares:

  • Almond Milk
  • Green Smoothies
  • Nut Cheese
  • Flax Crackers
  • Fruit Leathers
  • Jalapeno Poppers
  • Raw Red Pepper Hummus
  • Veggie Wraps & Sweet and Sour Soy Curls (the only cooked food demo)

This dvd class is not meant to be an exhaustive lesson on these subjects but an introduction for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

A 360 page eBook is included on the DVD. Some of the topics featured are shopping on a budget, the vegan and raw vegan pantries, a vast resource guide and over 250 vegan and raw vegan recipes from Debra and her friends.

Some of the recipe contributors are Angela Elliott, Rene Oswald, Kristen Suzanne, Lisa Viger, Cassandra Foxley, Terri Clarke, Amanda Moxley, and Modern Manna Ministries.

What people are saying:

"I want to applaud Debra for her sincere & passionate desire to educate us with her AMAZING, yes AMAZING DVD. I was thrilled to receive it and I learned SO much. Well done presentation, lots of facts, tips and how to's. It was truly an experience watching and listening. I didn't move, I just kept my eyes focused on the video. I felt by the end of the DVD that I had actually known Debra for years, this lady comes off that way. FABULOUS, would recommend ANY interested person(s) to purchase theirs today! YOU won't be disappointed. A+++ in my books! Keep inspiring..."

~ Paula

"As a novice to this new way of eating, I can say that Debra's DVD was eye opening. I appreciate so much the simplicity of the different recipes demonstrated. She made this kind of lifestyle that can seem so very different from the "norm", practical and possible for the average person to attain. Her testimony of the tremendous weight loss was an encouragement and gives reason to hope that that it can be done by eating healthy, but still eating foods that taste good. Debra is an inspiration to those attempting to feed their families healthy foods, and making it look so easy that I think even I can do this!"

~ Debbi C in NV

"I couldn't be happier with this wonderful dvd/ebook. Debra makes you feel like you are at her home drinking a green smoothie right alongside her. We were in the midst of researching going vegan and raw and were blown away at how confusing it can be. Debra's ebook and dvd put our minds at ease. I feel like what was once a daunting task is going to be much easier than expected. I especially love the budget suggestions she gives as I am a stay at home mom with a budget in mind. I cannot thank Debra enough for doing such a wonderful job on giving me the instructions and know how about how to go vegan. It is already changing my family's life for the better. My three year old loves the recipes (mind you he is a selective eater) and actually asks to help make them. Many thanks!"

~ Rachel D (from NH)

"I really like Debra Garner and her sweet soft nature. She has a wonderful testimony of how she lost over 100 pounds and I too can relate as I tend to be the type to hold those extra pounds and I'm always struggling. I am so happy to have this DVD set to use for a reference since she covers so much of the raw food lifestyle from top to bottom. She makes recipe after recipe, step by step. Did I mention its video quality is wonderful! I really like how she talks to you as if you're right there teaching you personally every step of the way. Thank you Debra!!"

~ Margaret in Montana