Raw Wild Flower Honey 1.5 lbs

Raw Strained Honey - Pint / 1.5 lbs
Raw Strained Honey - Pint / 1.5 lbs

Local PA Honey

Pure Spring Honey. Pale and delicate in flavor with a full body and nice finish. This honey is derived from the spring flush of the Tulip Poplar tree, Black Locust, fruit bloom and Clover Blossoms.
Un-heated, strained honey, with all of the enzymes intact; this honey is a medical marvel as well as a culinary delight. The honey has been carefully extracted from the honeycomb using centrifugal force, resulting in one and a half pounds of pure ecstasy. May be used for all honey needs or as a sugar substitute.

Please note:
All raw honey will eventually crystalize. Never microwave your honey!
To reverse the crystallization process, just set the tightly closed container in tap water (approximately 120 degrees), for 15 to 20 minutes. Refresh with hot water until the crystals are gently melted.

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