One Village Organic Tanzania 12 oz.

Organic Tanzania
Organic Tanzania
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Organic Tanzania
Tanzania has always grown some of the best coffee in east Africa, but has had the issue of proper processing methods making it difficult to get the coffee to the roasters in good condition and properly ready. The Hope Project in Tanzania is seeking to change all of that by establishing Pulperies where the beans will be properly processed so the farmers can get a fair and living wage for their coffees. One Village roasts this coffee to a light-medium to preserve the fruity character in the beans. In the cup this coffee is bright and citrusy, medium bodied with a sweet berry like finish.

This coffee is grown in the south of Tanzania in the Mbeya mountain range at an average elevation of 45005500 feet above sea level. It is grown in a loamy soil in an area with lots of rain and warm temperatures and is harvested from June to October. There are many small farms which make up the growing region and all the processing is done by the 26 Pulperies within The Hope Project. The project has allowed the farmers to obtain better prices, much needed fertilizer and seedlings, as well as health care.

Food Pairing: This is a delicate coffee we feel is best drank black to keep the flavors intact. It is a great after dinner cup to wind down your evening.

Roast Level: Medium

Sold as whole bean only.